Holidays on a Turkish Gulet Cruise with the Kids

Are you preparing for your next holidays? Are you planning to go somewhere in Europe or Turkey, perhaps? Are you looking for a comfortable, private yet fun vacation with the family? Spending the holidays on a gulet yacht could be the perfect escape for you and your family!

Spending holiday vacation on a gulet cruise with the whole family could be a fascinating and memorable way to go. These Turkish gulet cruises are conducted by expert crew members who can ensure the safety and enjoyment of the guests. The whole family will surely enjoy and appreciate each and every historic site and cultural pit stop along the way. The crew will also provide comprehensive and detailed explanation of all the ancient sites, tourist spots and cultural places which will be visited along the cruise.

gulet-yacht-vacationThe on cruise tour will present majestic scenery of the coastal area; expose the rich history and culture of Turkey; and introduce the diverse flora and fauna of the region. On the other hand, the on board tour will offer a chance to see or encounter a group of dolphins playing on charming blue waters. Aside from the exciting tour and the relaxing on board experience, the gulet cruise will also provide delicious and satisfying food based in Turkis cuisine for the charter guests.

Are Kids Allowed in a Turkish Gulet Holiday Cruise?

Most families worry about the addition of children in tours and vacations abroad. Primary concerns include safety and comfort of children during the holiday tour. Basically, children are allowed to join private gulet yacht charters. It will never be a problem for parents who prefer to bring their kids on vacation trips. There is no minimum age limit for children who can join the trip. However, it is the parents’ responsibility to watch over the kids while on board or on the shore. In some shared gulet cruises (cabin charters), children under 12 aged is not allowed.

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Rules on Keeping the Kids Safe while on a Gulet Cruise

One thing to remember is to inform gulet charter company prior to the cruise if there will be children below 12 years old who will be joining the gulet yacht cruise. It is also important to inform the company, captain and crew if the children who will board the yacht are infants or toddlers. The captain and crew need to prepare for the security needs, safety measures, and accommodations. Remember that kids need extra care and attention.

For the safety of the passengers, fire extinguishers, life jackets, lifesavers and other safety equipment are maintained on board. A backup is always ready to rescue the guests and the crew in times of emergency. Generally, family gulet cruise packages are fit for family trips and vacations. Rest assured that the anchorage points and itinerary are well-organized to suit the needs and interests of the guests.

Holiday Activities for the Kids while on a Gulet Cruise

Gulet cruise holidays offer a wide range of activities for the vacationers. It includes both on board and on the shore activities. According the class of yacht; on board activities may include internet access, DVD onboard movies and video, music and sound system. At upper classes iPod docks, satellite television and console games are another features.

On shore and water activities may include historical tour, snorkeling, swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, knee boarding, ringo, banana boat and jet skiing (accompanied by adult). However, engaging to water activities will only be allowed upon the permission of parents or adults who are on board with the kids. Only children above 10 years old are allowed to engage in the said water activities.

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Tips on Ensuring Your Kids’ Enjoyment during the Gulet Cruise

Before charter a gulet yacht, there are several things that a parent has to make sure for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the kids.

The number one to thing to guarantee is the safety of the children. The gulet must have a safety net located at the edges and corners of the yacht and large aft and front deck for kids’ playtime.

Next, is to ensure that the crew is English-speaking. Through this, the children will be able to easily communicate their needs to the crew when you are busy with other things.


Another thing to make sure is that the chef will be able to cook foods that are suitable for the kids.

Activities and Equipment
It is also helpful to make sure that the itinerary includes a lot of beaches (and the presence of kids-size water sports gear) for the children’s enjoyment.

Have a nice and safety gulet cruise with your kids.

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