Gulet Yacht Charter

Gulet Yacht Charter vs Motor Yacht Charter

April 15, 2013 | guletvoyage | Gulet Yacht Charter

While the gulet yacht charter is the more popular type of yacht in Turkey, some voyagers prefer a motor yacht charter to enjoy Turkey. Here are some characteristics of a motor yacht charter that differs from the traditional gulet yacht charter. In a motor yacht charter, luxury is the priority. You’ll generally see the luxurious […]

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Gulet Charter in Bodrum

February 24, 2013 | guletvoyage | Gulet Yacht Charter

There is nothing that is as good as spending your vacations well. If you want to experience the best that Turkey has to offer, then you should consider a gulet charter Bodrum. Bodrum is an ideal place for a Turkish gulet cruise because Bodrum is the place where the gulets originated from, and you are […]

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Turkey Gulet Yacht Charter

June 7, 2012 | guletvoyage | Gulet Yacht Charter

An ideal way to see Turkey with your family is to charter a gulet and sail the coast that its name is “Blue voyage”. Turkey is renowned for its beautiful shoreline and clear seas. If you like fishing or diving, you will be in a total paradise. The port cities and land of Turkey offer […]

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