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Gulet Charters and Cruises in Turkey

Going on a yacht holiday in Southern Turkey where one of the Mediterranean most idyllic cruising areas are, helps you unwind. Take your mind off the stresses of your life. Instead of going to the typical destinations, Turquoise coasts is the best for you. Gulet yachts invite you. Here on our website are some of our selected charter yachts which might be for you.

Popular Gulet Yachts

Are you looking for a gulet yacht for charter in Turkey? Here are some of our popular yachts viewed mostly.


Port: Marmaris | Cabins: 7 | Guests: 14

From 14000 € /week

Port: Marmaris | Cabins: 4 | Guests: 10

From 7000 € /week

Port: Marmaris | Cabins: 5 | Guests: 10

From 6650 € /week

Port: Marmaris | Cabins: 4 | Guests: 8

From 9800 € /week

Port: Marmaris | Cabins: 5 | Guests: 10

From 14000 € /week

Port: Marmaris | Cabins: 4 | Guests: 10

From 4900 € /week

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Gulet cruises in Turkey

Private Gulet Charter

Are you thinking to rent a yacht with your friend group? Crewed gulets offer renting an entire yacht for blue cruises Simply, choose one of the gulets from our yacht fleet that fits your group. Then, let's talk about the yacht route and meal plan on board. Private gulet charters allow you to make your own party on a beautiful yacht with the magnificent view of the Mediterranean Coasts of Turkey.

Blue Cruise

Blue cruise is a yacht cruise that is run by Turkish gulet yachts in the South Aegean coastline of Turkey where is known as Lycia Antique and Greek Islands. By cruises, guests onboard can explore Turkey from the sea along with the amazing riviera with a rich history.

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Crewed Gulets

Chartering a crewed gulet yacht allows you to make your party on the sea. Find peace while sailing with the finest Turkish gulets and savor of Turkish cuisine. A Gulet cruise can offer from economic to luxury for every budget that is for guests who like to relax in the beauty of nature.

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Charter and Cruise Articles

To fully understand what is gulet yacht and what do gulets offer, read our articles before you plan to go to Turkey. Our articles including many tips will be an accurate guide for you and your group to experience this unique holiday.

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Last Minute Discounts

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