What is gullet and gullet yacht charter?

The gulet or gullet is a unique type of sailing boat that is has a deep connection to Turkish history. It is becoming more and more popular for voyagers to take a Turkish gulet yachts for their blue voyage. The gulet has two masts that allow it to take advantage of both strong wind and slight breeze so it is always in motion. The low draw of the keel and broad hull make it a stable vessel in deep water and also allows the boat to go into the shallows near the shore.

Why are gulets becoming so popular for vacations?

The traditional gulet is not only beautiful but it also is a part of Turkish history and culture. Turkish gulet yachts allow visitors to touch what is the essence of the culture – the openness, the opulence and the sea. More and more vacationers are seeking an authentic experience when they travel and staying on a Turkish gulet begins to give them that.
Of course, there are other reasons why staying on a gullet yacht is getting more and more appealing. Gulets are being remodeled to provide a 4 or 5 star experiences for the passengers. Many of the cabins and staterooms rival the luxury of the shore hotels. Plus, we are seeing the advantage to hiring professional chefs to provide a high quality experience while on the boat.

Glory of handmade Turkish gulet for charter

To travel Turkey in a handmade gulet is to truly experience the glory of the environment and all Turkey has to offer. Many tourists seek Bodrum gullets for charter because of the popularity of that destination. Bodrum gulets let you see this ancient city in the same way that the Greeks and Romans did as they sailed into the harbor of the city that was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Not only does Bodrum have a rich archeological history, but it has become a major cultural and academic destination of the former Ottaman Empire. To go from spending the day at the Bodrum Museum for Underwater Archeology to dining and spending the night on your private gulet anchored in the bay is an amazing experience. You realize that you are floating above the treasures of antiquity.

The Hidden Bonuses of the Turkish Gulet

One of the main attractions to chartering a private gulet is that it provides just that – privacy. The hand crafted elegance and feel of a gulet also has a way of soothing the mind. Time and life seems to unwind and move slower on a gulet. But it is not just the privacy that appeals to people. Chartering a gulet can also provide the perfect family vacation. Gulets come in a variety of sizes from the small (3 cabins) to the large with 12 cabins.
Even at its largest size, a gulet still retains an intimate feel. For a family, this kind of personal setting can be an excellent way to strengthen relationships. Best of all, chartering gullet yachts is not that expensive. On the gullets yachts you can even opt to provide your own food and do your own cooking or let the experienced chiefs cook and serve. All you will need then is a skeleton crew of a pilot and a few hands to help you navigate through the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.