Frequently Asked Questions For yacht cabin charters

Departure days for cabin charter cruises are on Saturdays during the summer season. In high season, in line with high demand, additional tours are opened and departures are made on Sunday. Please check out the exact departure days listed on the cabin charter itinerary page.

The stays are in the departure port in the first and last night.

Embarkation time is by 03:00pm. If you arrive lately you can embark the boat onwards. Boat leaves the port on the next day in the morning, no later than 10.00 am. Disembarkation time is 09:30am after the breakfast except mini-cruises. Please ask the exact time for mini cruises.

The itineraries are fixed as confirmed itinerary before the firm booking and cannot be modified during the cruises.

All cabins have their own private bathrooms and toilets. Some gulets have home type toilets or electrical flush type. Toilets without the shower cabin, usually have a rod or tube-tap with shower.

The cabins are large from 8 to 12 square meters.

Hand and bath towels are provided. You may bring your own beach towels.

The cabins are cleaned and the bins are emptied daily by the crew in the morning. Towels and bed lines are replaced twice a week. Cabins should not be locked as a precaution fire and for cleaning bins.

Yes, Guests can also bring their own fishing equipment.

All gulets are not equipped with water toys such as water-ski, canoe, and windsurf. Guests can take water sport services where is available in specific areas during the route.

Meals are served always on board.

Yes, depending on the cruise program there are 1 or 2 excursion options which are optional.

All gulets have service(dinghy) boat that can be used by the crew for transport to the point if the distance is available to be reached.

Yes, cabins for crew members are separate and located especially below the bow.

European type socket with two holes are used on gulets.

The air conditioning is run 2-3 hours in the morning and in the evening between 20:00 and midnight or so. It is forbidden to run it on ports cause of the noise that could disturb the area and other gulets nearby.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the cabins. It is free to smoke on the deck.

No. Cabins can not reserved before your arrival. You can choose your cabin when you arrive to boat.

No child discount available in any itinerary.

During the summer season, wheather is hot with high moisture and temperatures of over 39 degrees Celsius and water temperatures of over 26 degrees Celsius

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