Datca Peninsula

Datca Peninsula is a narrow land in the southwest area of Turkey. In the middle part of the peninsula is the center town of Datca. It is a haven for tourists because of its amazing scenery linked to a rich culture and history. Strolling through the area reveals lush landscapes and fascinating beaches. There is tranquility in the magnificent location with breathtaking views that will surely captivate you. Spring is the ideal season for tourists to explore this destination, when flowers and greens cover the land. Furthermore, you can visit their restaurants to savor the delectable food prepared by locals with herbs that abound in the region. When you visit during the autumn season, you can discover how the people in Datca gather the olive crop.

Datca Turkey

How to Reach Datca Peninsula?

You have several choices to go to this unique getaway. You can travel by land and expect to be awed by the picturesque wonders. However, you should prepare for rugged and curved roads as you traverse the area. From the town of Datca, you can opt to ride the available buses with daily trips to different cities.
You can also go to this tourist haven either through the Bodrum or Marmaris gullet voyage. More tourists find this option more appealing as it navigates both land and water route. Turkish gulet cruises are perfect for sightseers to unravel the marvelous coast. From the previous basic fishing boats, it has progressed to gulets providing cruises with comfortable accommodations.
On top of all the destinations, Turkish gulet holidays offer serene mooring sites, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports. Most of the coastlines display panoramic views. The gullet journey also allows you to discover the historical sites and traditions of the towns.
Another highlight of Turkish gulet holidays is the sumptuous meals and drinks. In addition, the cruise staff attends to other activities to ensure a satisfactory travel experience. Although there is an itinerary, the captain can modify it because of certain considerations such as climate conditions.
Turkish gulet holidays are a unique style of traveling, which are ideal from May to the early part of November. The quiet ambiance is an excellent opportunity to enjoy and unwind.
What to do in Datca Peninsula?

Here are the remarkable activities to get the most out of your travel experience in Datca Peninsula:

Visit Knidos

This historic harbor was once a solid shipping port dating back to the fourth century BC. The riches and glory of Knidos succumb to earthquakes, attacks, loot, and plunder. The remnants of its wealth are ruins of some basilicas, mosaic tiles, and an ancient amphitheater fronting the sea. The ruins of the old city will let you uncover the splendid civilization. You should ascend the ladder to the top of the lighthouse to catch a stunning view of the sunset and the city.

knidos, ancient cityKnidos, an Ancient city is the spot for gulet guests

Beaches and Coves of Datca

The Peninsula boasts of bays, beaches, and coves. They entice tourists with their irresistible, clear blue waters. Children can wade into the shallow shoreline. In the Orhaniye village, you will find a stretch of sandbank where you can stroll along the beach. If you are adventurous, you can try diving, sailing, and windsurfing or other water activities.
You can go to Domuzbükü, a lovely beach through a gulet cruise. You can check trips that will take you to this enchanting bay. You can swim, relax, or find caves and stone structures in the area.

In the eastern part of Knidos is the Palamut Bükü fishing village, which is famous for its fish restaurants.
The Bördübet Beach Club is a private and deluxe beach that caters to exclusive guests. Guests can delight in swimming, engaging in sports, or walking along the beach.
The Cove of Kargi is adjacent to Datca town. Although it is about three kilometers from the town, this cove does not get crowded. Another cove in the Datca center is the Kumuluk, which features sandy beach. Nearby Kumuluk is Taslik or the pebble beach. Its attraction is the hot spring originating from the mountains. Many people believe that the mineral content of the natural spring water cures several diseases.

Datca MarinaGulet Peri at the Datca Marina

Trip to Eski Datca

Eski Datca or Old Datca is partly rebuilt featuring old stone houses of Mediterranean architecture. It is a gorgeous place where stones and bricks cover the paths with elaborate gardens.

Where to Eat in the Area?

If you prefer to have your dinner or lunch out of your gulet boat, Datca offers plenty of options that you can have a taste of Turkish or Mediterranean dishes. Vacation in Datca is incomplete without eating at their restaurants:

  • Zuma Lounge and Coliseum Beach Bar at D-Hotel
    Zuma with breathtaking views of the Aegean is an award-winning restaurant. The highlight of Coliseum bar is the live music featuring singers and bands. There is also a disc jockey who spices up the night with awesome music.
  • Culinarium
    It is an outdoor food establishment, which uses homegrown products to cook European cuisine.
  • Fevzi’s Place
    It is a local fish restaurant in the harbor.
    A traditional menu that tourists should taste includes Mennemen, an omelet containing tomatoes and chilis, which you can eat with pita bread. Another dish is keskek, a dish of wheat and minced meat. Dolma is another must-try food from vine leaves. Their dishes are best with raki, a Turkish beer, or their exotic herbal teas.

The Datca Peninsula is a perfect place for tourist who seeks relaxation, adventure, and discovery. One of the great ways to experience this paradise is through the Turkish gullet holidays, which will give you an exceptional tour.

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