Vacation choices: All incusive hotel or luxury gulet boat?

Vacations are often spent with family and friends. Taking a vacation simply means taking a break from one’s regular routine or work, being able to unwind and ease stress. Some time away can improve the physical and mental health and perspective of a person. But nowadays, the idea of a “vacation” may mean differently to different kinds of people. The kind of vacation may vary depending on the needs and wants of those who want to take their time off.

Which one is your choice for your holiday, chartering a crewed luxury gulet yacht or staying in a 5 star all inclusive hotel?

There are people who would prefer a vacation that is purely rest and relaxation. One of the best in this type of vacation is staying in a 5 star all inclusive hotel. 5 star hotels are best known for their luxurious amenities. They offer a serene vacation that offers all-inclusive services where everybody is ready to assist, anything can be served, and everything can be done for you.
There will be sightseeing tours, but you can prefer to spend more time to sleep, eat and do other relaxation activities such as getting a massage, reading books and watching television. Stay-in vacations basically mean spending time doing anything you want, and nothing in particular. It may be a satisfying vacation, but not for those looking for more adventure and some touch of nature.
For those who prefer the outdoors and changing sceneries, but still want to rest and relax, the ultimate way to spend a vacation is chartering a yacht. There may be a lot of vacations that offer the same such as camping and beach vacations but why spend time and money for a luxury gulet charter?

By chartering a gulet boat in luxury class, people can have the option to be as relaxed or as active as they want. It can take you to different locations without the need to re-pack your things. It also gives the ultimate exclusivity; thus, the trip can be enjoyed at your own pace. It allows you to be more in control of the environment and fully enjoy your trip. They can provide a customized itinerary based on your personal preferences to ensure that you are given the experience that you desire.

Yachting promotes closeness which is great for families, friends, and even couples who just want to spend time, explore and discover different places together. The ambiance in a luxury gulet charter is of private sophistication with its incomparable five star services provided by a professional crew who can attend to your every need. The various cuisines provided by a personal chef can be tailored to your own personal preferences.

A luxury gulet charter experience is like no other

As charter a luxury gulet boat does not only give you an exceptional level of freedom on blue water, it can also keep you occupied with sports activities such as diving, snorkeling, water skiing, swimming, fishing, and many more. It has premium amenities and water toys that cannot be found on shore.

In describing these two (2) different kinds of vacations, it is obvious that going for luxury gulet charter can provide a more unforgettable vacation that is called “blue voyage“. It allows you to experience 5 star amenities while enjoying the beauty of nature in different breath-taking destinations. Even the best hotels cannot compare to the level of personalized service that yachting can offer. Perhaps its best advantage is its flexibility, allowing you to go wherever you want, do what you want, when you want and with whoever you want. Every vacation is a new adventure. It is unique that not all people can experience, but once you do, it will be truly unforgettable. It will be the best vacation of your life.

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