Which gulet tour in Turkey is for you?

One of the most unique ways to travel is to choose to take a gulet tour of Turkey. From the comfort and luxury of your boat, you can travel the coast and visit multiple ports of call. Some of the most popular tours originate out of the south west region surrounding Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye. This area is one of the oldest and finest areas of all Turkey to explore to get a sense of its rich history, and taste its favorite cuisine, modern life and night life.Tens of route options are available starting from these major coastal cities.


Gulet Tours out of Gocek, Fethiye

The Gocek village of Fethiye area is a rich one to explore via a gullet boat. A gulet tour of Turkey can leave from any of the 6 major marinas in the area. Gocek, Fethiye is one of the oldest and most prosperous areas in Turkey. It has a history that runs deep and even is the mythological location of Icarus’s landing in the sea. The area has many archeological points of interest and the waterways lead out to many surrounding islands. Inland you can explore vineyards, modern night life. There are also a host of bazaars and markets you can shop to your content. From Gocek or Fethiye, you can either sail on the route of “Kas-Kalkan-Kekova” which has more historical areas or sail around just Fethiye and Gocek Islands which has beautiful and secluded bays.Alternatively, Marmaris route can be an another route as a one way or vise verse.

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Why take a gulet tour of Turkey?

Taking a gulet tour of Turkey makes more sense than just having a different kind of experience. Turkey has always been a major trading and seafaring area, the majority of its inland roads are only present to serve the traffic that came to the ports on the sea. The area is also very popular for hunting tourism that increase every year. The best way to experience all that Turkey has to offer; is to do it from a gulet. Gulets are traditional wooden sailing boats that come in a variety of sizes from the private charter yachts to group ships. They are designed to withstand the rigors of travel through deeper waters while maintaining a shallow enough draw to allow them to navigate inlets. Every gulet tour of Turkey offers something different on their itinerary, so there is never an instance of “having done all there is to do” when it comes to taking a gulet tour of Turkey.

Other considerations when booking a gulet tour of Turkey

There are many different options when it comes to selecting and booking your gulet tour in Turkey. For starters, the season that you select will be important. One of the most popular seasons covers the grape harvest. A gullet tour of Turkey can be the best way to sample the top three regions of their wine producing country. There are also tours that are designed to follow the spring and fall festivals that happen up and down the coast between Bodrum and Antalya. Another consideration is whether or not you will be doing a private charter or a cabin charter. Both types of charters are available with options for a full crew, or small crew from standard boats to high deluxe classes. There are even some gulet tours that allow you to try your hand at sailing too.