What Do I Need To Pack And Bring For The Gulet?

A gulet charter is a beautiful way to cruise that takes place primarily in Turkey but you can also find it in other parts of the Mediterranean such as the Greek Islands. The gulet is a medium-sized or large wooden boat that has existed in Turkey for thousands of years. By chartering a gulet you get to enjoy this beautifully crafted boat on the clear blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. If you are concerned that this kind of cruise is expensive, you do not have to worry because you can take advantage of ongoing gulet discounts and promotions. You can choose the most suitable gulet for your budget among the ones you have received offers. Gulet yachts on a wide price scale have many options from economic class to luxury class. Here are things you should pack and bring on the gulet holiday.

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Basic Items You Should Bring For a Gulet Cruise

The main items you should bring on the gulet cruise include beach towels, hand and bath towels are already on board, a few pairs of casual and dress shoes, hat to keep your face out of the sun, sunglasses and sunscreen, shorts and T shirts, fishing lines, snorkel and masks, camera, your medication, emergency cash, and your phone, laptop. Almost all gulets have a music system that you can connect to your phone.

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About Visa and Passport

Before you pack the rest of your items, it is important that you obtain your passport and visa so that you will be able to enter and leave Turkey without the hassle. You can easily apply for your e-visa online before your trip to Turkey. Your passport should not expire within seven to eight months of the time you decide to go on the cruise. You should also get a vaccination as protection against illnesses you may get when you go on the gulet cruise. Another tip is don’t forget to make your own travel insurance including health insurance as well in case of any injury during your Turkey holiday. You should also bring your medical documents with you in the event you have to go to the hospital while on the cruise. However all gulets must have a medical locker, you can bring your special ones. When you arrive on the cruise it is also a good idea to find out where the nearest hospitals are in the event of an emergency.

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Another thing you should pack with you when going on the gulet cruise is a guidebook and phrasebook because this helps you learn more about the destinations you will visit while on the cruise. The phrasebook is helpful when you encounter people at the restaurants and shops Most part Turkish residents understand English.

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Visiting Turkey on a gulet cruise is a great way to relax and enjoy all that the Mediterranean has to offer. You want to be prepared for the cruise by packing the right items and medical documents as well as your insurance, passport, visa and cash, and credit card. You should start packing at least a month before the gulet cruise starts.

Photos by Kindel Media , Nataliya Vaitkevich