Meal Plans on Gulet Charters

We have 5 menus for private yacht charters as follows:

  • Economic Menu
  • Standard Menu
  • Deluxe Menu
  • Fish Menu
  • Diet Menu

The offered menus can be choosen in the booking process and add to gulet yacht rental prices as an extra. All foods are loaded in the boarding day before you arrive, fruits and vegetables are also supplied in the middle of week if required.


Planing the weekly menu is one the important part of gulet charters. Not to forget such delicious foods, chefs of the gulets are in the galley all days to service you the selected dishes of Turkish cuisine.

In blue cruises, all meals are serviced onboard as Full Board meal plan. Thus, everyone onboard get to gather to have the meal in the time which is agreed on the first day of cruise or discussed during the booking. While gulets are cruising along the Turkish Coasts, there may not be restaurants in the mooring places. Therefore, taking a Half Board meal plan is not a prefer commonly. In Greek Islands routes, that is much flexible. If your route aloows you to visit an island for each day, you may think to have your dinners in shore. Taking a Half Board plan for 3 or 4 nights and Full Board for the rest can be an alternative meal plan for your gulet charter in Turkey.

Click to see a sample of weekly menu

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