Is Air Condition necessary for boat charters in Turkey?

When you are looking at all the different options available for boat charters in Turkey you may have noticed that some of the gulet boats list that they have air conditioning and some don’t. It doesn’t seem like it is a standard amenity, which brings up the point of whether having air conditioning is necessary for boat charters in Turkey. The answer to that question is yes, and no. A lot will depend on the time of the year you set for your charter, and any special needs that you have.

When are the hottest months?

The hottest months correspond with the high season for boat charters, July and August. During this time the heat in the Aegean air can get quite intense. Many people choose not to book boat during this time, even though some of the best discounts are offered, out of fear of being too hot. You would think that boat charters that want business during this month would all be equipped with air conditioning, some are and some aren’t. There is a reason for this.

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Being on a boat in the heat is different from being on the land

If you don’t have experience with boat charters you may not be aware that when the temperature climbs on land, it stays several degrees cooler on a boat. You have the advantage of the the ocean breeze and the cooling condensation. If you have been on a regular boat charter then you may counter with the argument that it is when you are down below in the cabins that the heat gets unbearable – but if you are on any of the Gulet tour then you will discover something unusual. Gulets are traditional wood boats, wood allows for much more air circulation then a fiberglass or metal boat. Many of the larger charter boats are made with modern materials that are lightweight, durable, and hold in heat like it was scared to let it go.

How do they power the A/C when you are on board?

If your boat offer air conditioning on board it is important to remember that this doesn’t mean central air 24/7 while you are on board. Air conditioners require electricity and that means a generator. Some Turkish gulets have generator however they don’t have air-conditioned system. There is a limit to both the size of the generator and the amount of fuel a gulet can carry. What most captains do is run the air conditioner at the evening so their guests can sleep in comfort. The average Gulet boat can run an a/c for about 28-35 hours in one week while at sea. Depending on how often your boat is going to be moored in secluded bays. For not disturbing any neighbor yacht, it is not preferred to run the A/C. Also if the boat stays in the harbor, A/C is not allowed as the generator makes high noise.

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Choosing the right boat charters

All of the gulet charters offer different amenities and cruise options. You can choose a private boat, a shared gulet cruise, or even pilot the boat yourself by bareboat charters. Talk to your boat charter broker to see what can be done to create the perfect holiday for you. If your choice is from not A/c equipped gulet boat, you may take a look our budget friendly gulets.