Ideas for Checking Out Gocek Islands

Gulet yacht chartering around Gocek Islands is a great way to enjoy yourself on the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey you should check out. Because the islands that are very close to each other are amazing and photographic. When you arrive in the Göcek has a small bazaar where you can find everything you want. There are markets where you can shop before you get on the boat, and stores where marine toys and equipment are sold. There are also Turkish-Baths downtown you can relax in a unique way. When you charter a gulet in Gocek, there are several activities to participate in and here are a few of them. One idea is to visit the Lycian tombs that existed for thousands of years and that are graceful looking. Don’t forget to ask the captain or agency officer if that place is included in the route. There is also Kapi Creek, (Gobun Bay), which is a deep but beautiful creek of crystal blue water, also a favorite spot for sailors.

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People visiting Gocek would climb mountains and go on watersports during the trip in the summer times. Gemiler Island is not far from Gocek and you can tour some of the ancient ruins from the Byzantine era. On a cruise starting from Gocek, the gulet will definitely stop by Fethiye. If you love history and want to see the remaining traces of the past, you can organize a land tour for the ancient city of Tylos in Fethiye. This site is one of the most important Lycian cities, known as the Place Where the Winged Horse Pegasus Lives. The rock tombs also look fantastic in this area.

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A perfect spot: Oludeniz Beach

This is one of the best places tourists like to visit and you will enjoy the white sandy beaches and pine forests filled with tall and green pine trees. The clear turquoise waters are great to swim in and you can take plenty of pictures of Blue Lagoon to share with the world. If you want to relax for a few hours after spending time on the yacht, this is an excellent place to check out.

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Here is a sample cruise itinerary of a trip on a gulet charter starting from Gocek. When you first arrive in Gocek you will get on the yacht and receive greetings from the captain while you get settled in the sleeping cabins. You would then head to Oludeniz Beach before you stop at some of the islands nearby Gocek, where you can glance at the beautiful waters and pine trees. Then you will end up in a section of Kizil Island, Yassıca Island and Bedri Rahmi Bay where the turquoise waters will make you want to go in and swim with excitement. At this time you may have a traditional Turkish lunch and there may be entertainment on board.

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Gocek is a fabulous place to visit in Turkey on a gulet cruise and there are plenty of activities to engage in such as shopping, kayaking, snorkeling, and touring historic places in the region. Before you go on the Turkish yacht trip you should get a passport and it is also a good idea to research different sections within Gocek to get an idea of what to expect. Finally, you want to choose a gulet charter company that is able to offer decently priced yacht charters to Gocek and then you want to compare itineraries and prices.