Blue Cruise Turkey Reviews

Here is what some writers of blue cruise Turkey reviews wrote about the blue cruises on gulets in Turkey. One reviewer mentioned that her time in Bodrum was the highlight of the blue cruise in Turkey. She talked about the province of Mugla within Bodrum and the numerous ancient castles that stood as a reminder of Turkey’s ancient past and historic significance to the Western world.

Others who visited Bodrum mentioned that they were pleased to visit the underwater caves and they took photos of the rock formations in the area. Visitors to Bodrum said that they enjoyed the gulet but they also enjoyed the little shops where they purchased handmade crafts from local artists there. Some reviewers discussed the clothing markets in Bodrum and they were impressed with the colorful outfits in this market.

Reviews on blue cruise in Turkey

Eating and Shopping While On Blue Cruise

In other blue cruise Turkey reviews, some travelers mentioned that they were just as excited about shopping and eating in various places within Turkey as they were about hanging out on the gulet and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. One reviewer in particular said he found the street foods of Turkey interesting and that it was a good way to get to know the locals. For example, he said that he enjoyed spinach and cheese pastry called “gozleme” and he also tried the delicious fish sandwiches. Those who enjoyed shopping in Turkey had positive things to say. One tourist said that the highlight of his trip was being able to buy an authentic Turkish rug while another tourist said that loved the colorful artisan jewelry.

Fun in Istanbul

In other blue cruise reviews, some tourists stopped before starting their blue cruiseon Istanbul and here are some places they found the most interesting. One tourist talked about his visit to an ancient hippodrome where horse races used to be held centuries ago in Turkey. He was also impressed by the Basilica of Hagia Sophia, which was one of the biggest Christian churches in the world for thousands of years. Other travelers were impressed with the Suleyman Mosque and that this mosque looked grand and colorful.

Reviews on blue cruise in Turkey

Time in Fethiye

Some blue cruise Turkey reviews discussed visitors’ time in Fethiye and that they were pleased with their time there. One visitor talked about purchasing local food staples from the farmers in the city’s streets while other visitors discussed how they were excited to go surfing on the sandy white beaches in Fethiye. Some of the tourists to Fethiye talked about how they received massages while on the blue cruise in Fethiye and that they checked out historic sites from ancient periods.


Based on the blue cruise Turkey reviews, we see how visitors on the cruise were happy with their experiences and that they also recommend the blue cruise to those who are looking for a different place to travel for the summer. The gulet offers the opportunity to let you see the Mediterranean Sea in a unique way and you can enjoy the sights and people of Turkey.