What do you offer for meals?

You can choose your meal among the Standard Menu, Deluxe Menu or Vegeterian Menu. Also, special menus can be prepared according to the request.

Food selection is another important issue when renting a boat. With your selection, mainly Turkish cuisine is offered throughout your holiday. As the food varies periodically, different and fresh fruit and vegetables are selected for your menu. Usually for dinner, meat and fish options are enriched with salads and appetizers. You may decide together with chief what will you eat among the options during the day. For baking or roasting, barbecue is another option if available on board.

Food is provided on the day of the tour and additional food is loaded in the middle of the tour if necessary. Drinks are extra for all menu options. Guests can bring their own drinks or order it beforehand to be ready before the tour. Guests may be allergic to any food. You must specify this when planning.

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