What are the general Check-in Check-out times?

Regular Check-in time is 03:30 PM, Check-out time is 10:00 AM after breakfast.

Just like hotel stays, check-in and out times are applied at gulet charters. After the previous guests onboard leave the boat, it is required to complete all the preparations of the boat until the arrival time and the paperwork required for the next cruise. Especially in high season, this period may be longer due to the intensity at harbor/marina.

If the arrival of the guests is before the arrival time, your luggage and other belongings are left on board and placed in your cabins by the crew until the arrival time. During this time, guests can visit the city, shop or have lunch. In the case of late embarkation on Saturday night, the cruise starts on Sunday early in the morning.

The last day of departure is after breakfast. Checking out can be adjusted according to guest’s flight time.

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