'Gulet Cabin charter'

  • Gulet Cruising Cheaply by Cabin Bookings

    While the idea of gulet cruises would seem to be an expensive way to travel, going by gulet cabin charters out of the Bodrum and Marmaris can provide you with a cheap way to have a gulet cruise in the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey and visit the Dodecanese islands. The gulet cabin charters offer almost […]

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  • Cabin charters on shared gulet boats. Cheaper way to cruise

    Gulet cabin charters are economic way of making a gulet cruise in Turkey and Greek Islands. If you are looking for a cheaper way to cruise along the Turkish Coast between Bodrum and Antalya partly Greek Islands, then booking a cabin on any of the cabin charter gulet boats in the area is the perfect […]

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  • Are You Looking For A Cheap Gulet? Take A Look At Cabin Charter Programs

    You may think that finding a cheap gulet cruise is hard to do because this is not true because thanks to cabin charter programs which run by gulet sailboats, it is possible to afford a gulet cruise. The key is to research and compare the cruises for the best prices.One tip for those who are […]

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