Gulet Charters and Cruises in Turkey

Going on a gulet charter holiday in Southern of Turkey where one of the Mediterranean’s most idyllic cruising area is, helps you unwind and take your mind off the stresses of your everyday life. Instead of going to the typical destinations for a vacation, why not go on a Turkish gulet trips either with your friends or families? Here below are some of our selected charter gulet boats which might be interesting for you


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Private Gulet Charter

Private yacht charter

Time to get together with your friends or families to organize an unforgettable blue cruise along the beautiful Mediterranean Coasts with a traditional Turkish gulet yacht.Choose one of the gulet from our yacht fleet and plan your own route or leave us to suggest you an enjoyable itinerary. Anchor your yacht around the famous coastal resorts and discover the Mediterranean coasts and Greek Islands.

Gulet Cabin Charter

Gulet cabin charter

If you like to join a blue cruise with your partner or with a few people, yacht cabin charter is just fixed for you. Cabin charter is an economic way of making a gulet cruise in Turkey and a great chance to meet new people who accompany the cruises from different regions of the world. You can choose one of the cabin charter itinerary with guaranteed departures mostly on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays during the summer season.

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Blue cruise also known as blue voyage is a yacht cruise which is run by traditional Turkish gulet yachts in South Aegean coastline of Turkey and Greek Islands. By cruises, travellers have an opportunity to explore Turkey with a unique holiday experience and discover the amazing Turkish Riviera along with historical cities, where is known as Lycia Antique. Yacht charter in Turkey is one of the most popular vacation all over world as thousands tourist talk. Chartering a gulet allows you to find the serenity and peace while you sail with the finest Turkish gulets yachts and savour excellent variety of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. A Gulet cruise can offer either an economic or a luxury holiday that is fully dedicated for guests who like to relax, have fun and see the beauty of nature together. If you are think about a gulet holiday nowadays, simply, choose your charter type and request us to organize the best appropriate blue cruise for you. Learn more about gulet cruises in Turkey Publisher +Guletvoyage