To make our website more clarity for those who like to learn more about Turkish gulets and plan a gulet holiday, the followings are the defines that we use largely in our website.

# Term Description
1 Gulet A type of boat that is formerly used for commercial purposes and as well as for sponge diving. The main feature of this type of boats is the aft mast is bigger than the front mast. poop deck is formed round. Since 70's, gulets which are generally schooner and mainly made of wooden is used for touristik cruise trips along the Southern Coasts of Turkey. Gulets made in Bodrum gained the world wide fame by the boutique boat concept for sea cruises. Read More about gulets at What is gullet and gullet yacht charter?
2 Yacht Charter The expression is for the agreement of sea vehicles rentals. term is based on by the the signed contract. Private, cabin and daily charter are the terms of charter type of gulets.
3 Private Charter Providing the entire gulet yacht together with the crew to a group on the determined day and time. Learn More at Private Yacht Charter in Turkey.
4 Cabin charter Renting cabin on a shared gulet yacht. The route is pre-specified by setting it on weekly program. The accommodation type is full board and the meals are served only on board. Learn More at Yacht Cabin Charter in Turkey.
5 Concept Yacht Charter The charter is based on a special event that could be a anniversary, honeymoon or family holiday. Organization is planned according with the special requirement of the event. See the different concepts at Planning concept yacht charters in Turkey.
6 Blue Cruise A special name for the trips running by boats along the Southern Coasts of Turkey. Boats cruise on an itinerary which is agreed beforehand. Boats anchor different bays and ports for a while during the day. The route can be planned ending at the departure port or one way. Learn More About Blue Cruise in Turkey.
7 Crew Crew are constant workers who service to charter guests on board. They are the seamen professionally educated, having the responsibility of boat management and care of guests during the vacation. The number of crew members changes according to class and length of the boat. Captain, cook, sailors are the members of a standard class yacht. There are separate cabins generally located under the prow for the crew on board. Continue to read about Crew on Gulets.
8 Low Season The lowest priced yacht rental period is. The season covers April May and October.
9 Mid Season The second season that has the average prices of gulet rentals.
10 High Season The highest priced yacht rental period is. The season covers July and August.
11 Transit log The document that is given to boats for touristic yacht trips by the Harbor Master including the passenger’s Name Surname, date of birth and passport number. It is prepared before the departure and kept until the arrival of the next port.
12 M/S The meaning of Motor and Sailing. It Defines the boat go either by its motor power and the sail power. turkish gulets are generally use both power. some of them are not equipped by sails.
13 Dinghy Small boats with outboard engine, that are used to reach the shore and kind of waters sports in authorized places. Permission to use them is only with one crew members.
14 From/to Saturday Defining the departure and arrival day of private yacht charters. The departure day and the rental period – like 3 or 4 days – can be flexible in the low season.
15 .€ p/w Specifies the weekly private charter rates in EURO.
16 .€ p/p: Specifies the per person price in double cabin cabin charter rates in EURO.

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