Turkish Cuisine On The Yacht

While you are relaxing at the stern of your gulet, nice smells of foods spread out from the galley. During the blue cruise selections of deliocious tastes from Turkish cuisine are cooked and serviced by experienced cheifs.

Astonishing foods from the Galley: Turkish Cuisine on gulets

Turkish cuisine is known throughout the world. The painstaking preparation of simple, but fresh ingredients brings out the richness of their flavors in a way that never fails to delight. The range is enormous, from the many soups to an astonishing variety of hors d’oeuvres (meze) followed by meat and fish dishes. Then pause awhile to contemplate the famous Turkish sweets and pastries before finishing with famous Turkish coffee. All Turkish food is prepared from fresh ingredients. The country produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and, being surrounded on three sides by sea, the range of fish to be found is considerable.

Turkish National Drink: Raki: Worth a Try

Among alcoholic drinks are the Turkish beer, local wines, and the national drink, ‘RAKI'(an anisette), which clouds when water is added, giving it the popular name of “lion’s milk.” The drinking of raki is a rite in itself, and it is traditionally accompanied by a variety of “meze”.

Wherever you go in Turkey, Turkish tea will be the main hot drink even in the summer times. Too many kind of beverages can be easily found everywhere. Among the villages that is famous with their local vines Bozcaada(province of Canakkale, very close to antique city Troy ) and Sirince (province of Izmir, very close to antique city Ephesus) are the most popular ones.In touristic cities İstanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya you can also find restaurants which are featured Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Swiss, German and Italian cuisine.

Either Full Board or Half Board meal plans are available at yacht rentals in Turkey. Beside customized meal plans are also available.

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