Turkey Gulet Cruises

Taking a Turkey gulet cruise is an popular way to go on holiday, but taking it is an entirely new experience. We specialize in offering these unique boats for your pleasure. The gulet is a double masted sailing craft the originated in Turkey so it makes sense that the best way to see Turkey is from the deck of a gulet. While this may seem like a venture best left to those who don’t mind a loss of luxury, these cruises in Turkey offer some of the most luxurious boats available. In our yacht fleet, we also have standard gulets that can provide the same experience for the more budget minded traveler.

5-Star Turkey Gulet Cruise

The traditional gulet has been transformed to offer a 5-star yacht cruise in Turkey. You won’t sacrifice any luxury while sailing on these boats. The luxury gulets have many of the same amenities you would find on any VIP yacht – from 5-star chefs to private staterooms and more.

Exploring Bodrum

The Bodrum hugs the shore near the Turkish city of Bodrum on the southwest coast. Bodrum is a popular stop over for cruises because this ancient city has a rich and unusual history. Bodrum was home to the Mausoleum of Mausolos, which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As the city has grown into modern times, it has kept its historical flair but added in all the modern conveniences. It has also become home to several different cultural events in Turkey and also, is considered an academic center. Visiting their Museum of Underwater Archeology is a great way to spend the day.

Finding Marmaris

A Marmaris brings you to one of the most popular tourist destinations on the southwest coast of Turkey. Originally a small fishing village, the Mediterranean climate and beautiful clear waters of its bay have made this a popular top for gulet cruise. Here you will find natural beauty and all the man-made entertainment you could desire. You could spend the day diving and exploring the bay from the deck of your gulet and then come ashore to enjoy the nightlife that rivals any of the bigger Turkish cities.

Booking Gulet Cruise

You can book your Turkey gulet cruise easily using the contact form or request form in each page on our site. We offer you to reserve either an entire gulet for a personal cruise as private yacht charter or, you can rent a yacht cabin on one of the available cruises which can be seen on our blue cruise routes page. Both are offered depending on your budget, in luxury or standard class that vary in size from 3 cabins up to 11 cabins. You are assured that your cruise will be an experience you will never forget.