Life on Board

Life on board; Like your own home…

Before you start on this different type of holiday, it’s important to know about life on board. We always talk and discuss our guests before cruising till the end. Because firstly your safety then your pleasure are important for us. We cannot exclude our children from this adventure. That’s way we have already thought their fun onboard and fill the stuff in our yachts.We will help you to discover lot’s of insider tips and useful information to help you get prepared for your cruise.

Yacht charter is an outdoors event which you can combine the sun, sea, nature, history, Lycia ancient, exotic places, fun and lastly Turkish or Mediterranean cousin. Mostly, people spend their time sipping their drinks on the deck. Your gulet moors at evening times around fabulous bays and coves where the shore 20-25meters away from yacht. Clean waters wait you…While dinner is preparing-some nights barbecue party- the best time for swimming and diving.

Facilities on gulet yachts

Water sports are available and the best entertainment in the boat. Each day you get the opportunities to see at least two different locations. We highly recommend sport activities on board such as canoe, water-skiing, skin diving, jet-ski, ringo, windsurfing, banana boat, fishing and more… Just ask to crew for helping… Additionally, walking in the woods when your yacht is on moored in one of many fabulous bays, sunbathing or going to the shore and explore ancient ruins around and talking with the captain about nautical. They have really lots of things to tell you.

You also have the option, while the yacht is at port you are always free to go on shore and try different tastes at local restaurants with your friends, shop in interesting bazaars.

If there is something that you cannot go anywhere without like your most favorite game, chess or scrabble, you can also bring it with you.

Also visit our food on board page to get more info about meals on board and Turkish cuisine.

Life on board with music and surprises never ends in boat…