Gulet Yacht Cruises With Holiday Packages

If Christmas is coming up and you are looking for a way to enjoy Turkish gulet cruises, you can purchase a holiday package that includes different kinds of holiday packages. When you go on gulet yacht cruises for the holidays, you get to see all that Turkey and the rest of the Mediterranean at an affordable price. Before you book the gulet yacht cruises, you should research some reviews of gulet yachts and gulet holidays and inquire about discounts that are available.Mostly the best discount period for private yacht charter are available till the end of December before the new year.

Save Your Money by Private Gulet Yacht Cruises

When you book a holiday package for your gulet yacht cruise, you can choose a private gulet style yacht because with this kind of cruise, you and loved ones will sail on the seas alone and you will be able to use your own itinerary ore suggested one when going on the cruise. Most gulet charter companies also have holiday packages that you can choose from. Generally, private yacht charters are offered without a meal plan that is the important point and the travel services such as airport transfers, pre or after hotel accommodations, land excursions and using the watertoys If they are exist in the gulet boat. These are the main items that can be bunched together. This helps you save your money.

Routes Taken on Gulet Yacht Cruise

If you go on a cruise run in Southern Coasts of Turkey, here are the destinations that you would most likely visit depending on the cruise. These destinations include Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Gocek along with some of the Greek islands. There are tens of itinerary options which has become classics along the South West of Turkey. Depending on the based port for embarkation as a one way or a round way route is suggested among the classics or guests want to plan their own itinerary, choosing a suggested cruise itinerary is always better as agencies or captains know the area very well.

Last Minute Gulet Yacht Cruises

Another way to take advantage of the holiday packages is to benefit from last minute holidays for gulet yacht cruises from a gulet charter company that campaign. However booking a gulet with last minute discount is a risk that the best gulets are already booked months ago, you can get good deals if the price is your priority and you may also secure your cruise as a package for you and guests who are coming on the cruise with you. The gulet yachts for charter are well designed and equipped with TVs, music system, boarding games for entertainments, fishing and snorkeling equipment for activities and you can enjoy delicious Turkish foods.


You Get To Enjoy The Mediterranean in Style

One of the benefits of going on a cruise is that you can enjoy the Mediterranean in style at an affordable price. By combining your cruise with some land tours, You may get to see historic landmarks in Turkey such as Cappadocia and Ephesus. Cappadocia has been named “Best Honeymoon Destination” for 2014 by Lonely Planet. You can check out Greece with its’ historic landmarks and beautiful quaint villages on rocky coastlines.

What to Expect on Gulet Yacht Cruise

When you are on a gulet trip, here is what you can expect. You will be greeted by friendly crew members on gulet boats and you will enjoy good food while on board. You may be treated to fun entertainment and you get the opportunity to socialize with others on a Turkey gulet cruise, therefore possibly making friends in the process.


Gulet yacht cruises are great for the holidays and when you book the holiday packages early, you will be able to enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank. Meet with a reputable gulet charter expert who knows about gulet tours and then start packing at least three to four weeks before the vacation starts. So this efforts will be return you to make cheap holidays.