How to experience a gulet yacht holiday in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular destination for travelers and many are just discovering the joys of taking a gulet holiday there. A gulet is a type of traditional sailing boat that has been transformed to provide all the amenities of yacht travel. Travelling on a gulet allows for a unique cruise experience.

One of the main attractions of Turkey is its port towns and the clear and beautiful waters off its coast. A yacht holiday lets you experience that natural beauty and stop over at the main cities of interest in Turkey. Unlike the larger cruise lines that visit Turkey, it feels you more relaxed because you are less overwhelmed by what you have brought with you than engaged with what you are discovering.You don’t have a ton of people around, music going non-stop and a ton of offerings to keep you busy – there is a kind of quiet elegance to yachting Turkey. This quietness lets you sink further into the experience of the country and the sea. A gulet holiday is not just another cruise, it is a kind of holistic experience for the mind, body and soul. That so many companies like Blue provide upscale food and accommodations on each gulet yacht does not interfere with the authenticity of the experience.

Stay aboard or travel to shore

One of the best ways to do this without running into any unexpected hassles is to book a Gulet. Gulet Voyage Yachting provides both luxury and standard cruise packages. At each destination, you can stay overnight on shore at any one of the 4 – 5 star hotels or boutique hotels, affiliated with. You can also choose to stay aboard and only travel to shore to explore.

What makes a gulet yacht holiday special?

What is it about taking a private yacht charter that makes the holiday experience so different and so special? For one, there is no other way to travel in Turkey that is so unique to its cultural history. To stay on a gulet is to experience the real Turkey. The second reason is gulet yachts are smaller than the traditional cruise ship offerings.

Turkey and Travel

Turkey is one of the most ancient countries in the world and has a rich history. Its Mediterranean climate and culture has long drawn the western traveler to its shores. When you travel Turkey on a gulet yacht, you get to experience the country in a way that is reminiscent of how travelers and traders have encountered it for centuries.
The additional services enhance your experience. While “roughing” it on a traditional boat may be something that you want to try once, being comfortable allows you to connect better to the experience around you. When you consider booking a holiday in Turkey, think through what type of experience you would enjoy most. Cruising the waters between cities will allow you to see so much more of what Turkey has to offer than dealing with the busyness and distraction of planes, trains and automobiles.