Gulet Cruises to Greek Islands holiday destinations

A Greek Islands vacation are filled with numerous attractions that travellers love by a Turkey gulet cruise. Here below are some of them to be informed for a possible Blue Cruise…

Dodecanese Islands: A Rich History Will Welcome You with Greek Islands

You cannot have successful Turkish Gulet Trips to the Greek islands without checking out the Dodecanese Islands because these islands are fantastic and exciting. On an average trip to these islands you would visit an archaeological museum in the village of Vashti and from there you would see the temple of Hera in the ancient area of the Dodecanese Islands known as Samos. From there you would probably visit Patmos and this is where the apostle John lived in exile and where he wrote the book of Revelation.

Rhodes and Symi: The Picturesque Islands

Other Greek Island Cruises you can visit in the Greece by gulet cruises are Rhodes and Symi. Rhodes was once the residence of the Ottomans and Italians and you can check out the port called Rhodes City, which comprises of thick walls. In Symi, you will see a few ancient monasteries and the pine oak trees that exist within this island.These two islands are the main destinations for those who like to cruise on South Dodecanese Island route.

Birthplace of Hippocrates Kos(Cos) Island

Kos is another important and popular island in among the Greek islands and was the birthplace of Hippocrates, the originator of modern medicine. It is the third largest island among the Dodecanese islands and has splendid beauty. You will also enjoy the sandy white beaches with clear blue waters and if you love good music and restaurants, you will enjoy the clubs and restaurants that exist there.

Magical Ones: Cyclades Islands

When you visit the Cyclades, you get to check out popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos and some scholars believed that the lost civilization of Atlantis has its’ roots in the Cyclades. Here you will be amazed by the near perfectly white villas on the islands, sandy beaches and historic but picturesque governments. You will also enjoy the crisp and clear blue waters of the Cyclades and the summers are generally pleasant there.Before making itinerary plan for the blue cruise, it is required to ask the charter company which gulets are available to cruise Cyclades Islands.

Traditional Greek Food Can Be Tasted in Kalimnos

When you visit Kalimnos on the Gulet Cruises Greece, you will want to enjoy the beaches there and for adventure seekers, Kalimnos is well known for its’ tourists coming to engage in rock climbing activities . One of the best times to come to Kalimnos is during Easter because they throw shots of dynamite into the air as part of the celebration and if you visit the small villages within Kalimnos, you will find the best non-touristy traditional Greek food.


You want to book your gulet cruise at least a few months before the blue cruise starts because summer is the peak time for tourists on gulet Turkey crs Greece and the prices get pricey during that time. Make sure you get the visa and passport before the trip and pack all necessary items such as sunscreen, medicines, comfortable clothing, and your camera to capture the memories. Be friendly with the crew members when aboard the gulet and sample the different kinds of food on the gulet cruise since this is one of the most exciting parts of the cruise vacation. Finally, get to know some of the locals on the Greek island cruises.