Crew Members Are At Service During Your Gulet Vacation

When you arrive for your gulet vacation, there will be crew members on board to help you get settled and enjoy your holiday. If you chose to pick your own itinerary for the gulet cruise, the crew members are all skilled in this kind of cruise and they can answer your questions concerning the itinerary you are planning for the gulet vacation. The crew members are also friendly and they also prepare the meals for you. Here is more information on the crew members on the gulet.

Benefits of Crew Members

One of the benefits of having crew members is that you do not have to take care of every little detail while on the gulet. The crew members are on hand at all times to accommodate your needs and they do everything from getting towels and other toiletries, food preparation, offering suggestions for possible destinations and they also help with preparing the packing process for leaving the gulet vacation. Another benefit of crew members is that they can educate you on local culture.

Crew Members Know Safety Procedures of Gulets

When you are on a gulet yacht, you will need to practice safety to avoidand this is where the crew members come in. The crew members are trained in safety procedures for gulets and they are skilled in keeping the guests safe at all times, which is good news for the guests.

Maintaining Cleanliness During Gulet Vacation

The crew members on the gulet also maintain cleanliness on it and this is a benefit of having crew members that act in a professional manner. When the gulets are clean, you enjoy your trip more and there is reduced risk of developing illnesses that are often associated with unclean facilities.

Some of the Crew Members Entertain Guests

Depending on the gulet you get on, some crew members may offer entertainment to the guests by performing songs or plays. This keeps the guests from being bored on the tour and it provides a sense of humor for everyone on the Gulet cruise.

Guiding The Gulet

On each Turkish gulet there is the main crew member that is responsible for steering the gulet to the various scheduled destinations. The main crew member must be skilled in steering a gulet and he must be familiar with the destinations that he brings guests to.


When you have good crew members on Turkish gulet cruises, you can relax and enjoy your gulet trip. Take time to thank the gulet crew members and show your appreciation for their efforts. The crew members have a friendly attitude and they are willing to help with anything that you need as a guest. Crew members must also be sober while working on the gulet. Number of crew members changes depending on the length and category of gulet yachts. Minimum 3 crew members are at service onboard sometimes the number is up to 5 or 6 members. Crew are the most important criteria that makes your holiday more pleasant. Do not forget to ask the qualification of crew before you end the gulet vacation process up.