Boat Cruises Along The Lycian Coasts

The Lycian Coasts in Turkey are a beautiful sight to see and are well-loved by many tourists. Each year tourists go on a boat cruise throughout the Lycian Coasts of Turkey and they can see the beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas by way of the classic Turkish wooden gulet boats, which is fascinating in their design because they have an Old World charm to them. The Lycian Coasts of Turkey were first discovered by outsiders in 1810 by an explorer named Francis Beaufort and today visitors to the Lycian Coasts can still see many of the ancient structures and artifacts that made this section of Turkey a wonder to the rest of the world.

Lycian Coast

History of Lycia

The Lycians were a group of ancient peoples who settled in what is now Turkey between the bays of Antalya and Fethiye, which is a mountainous terrain in this area. The ancient Greeks were inspired by the Lycians’ ability to maintain a free and democratic government model, and they also liked the fact that the Lycians did not have barbaric roots. Instead the Lycians were cultured and wealthy and they strongly held to their own traditions and their own language. In ancient Lycia people took on their mother’s last name rather than the father’s, and if a slave lived with a free person, their offspring would be considered free. They were later conquered first by the Romans and later by the Persians.

Boat Cruise Along Lycian Coasts

One of the best activities on the Lycian Coasts is the boat cruise that you can go on by way of the traditional Turkish gulet boat. This activity gives you the opportunity to check out the history of the Lycian Coasts in person and you will feel relaxed and excited while enjoying the cruise. A gulet is a wooded boat that can hold up to 20 people depending on the size of the gulet. The wood used to make the gulet is made out of pine and while on the gulet you receive meals and other types of service by the attendants. During this boat cruise you may stop at various cities along the Lycian Coast and look at artifacts and structures from places such as Fethiye, Antalya and Kas.


Kekova Simena Region

This is a beautiful and historic section of the Lycian Coast and depending on the boat cruise you go on, you may stop in this region. In 1990 this region became protected by the Turkish government to protect the natural beauty and culture of Kekova Island and here you are surrounded by crystal blue waters, direct sunlight and plenty of space for swimming. The city of Simena is another nice area that is usually featured on a Lycian Coast and it is a mixture of the ancient and the modern. Here you will find a quaint fishing village and you will also see a few ancient castles.


Instead of a boring holiday, you should go to a place where you will have fun, while spending less. The Lycian Coasts of Turkey have breathtaking beauty and they are also filled with ancient history, making them an ideal destination for tourists who are also history buffs. The Lycian Coasts were influenced by the Persian, Ottoman, Roman and Greek cultures and when you go on a boat cruises to different cities within the Lycian Coasts, you will see these influences in the castles and leftover statues from ancient times. Finally, this will be a way to teach teens about the beginnings of Western civilization.