Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkish Riviera

If you booked a gulet cruise Turkey, you should check out the Turkish Riviera because it has a lot to offer. The Turkish Riviera is the section of Turkey that includes the Antalya region and it is known for its’ beautiful climate, plenty of coastlines and historic archaeological sites from ancient times in Turkey. The Turkish Riviera is home to the temple of Artemis, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and you will also find the Mausoleum of Maussollos, which is a popular attraction for visitors to this region. Another activity that people love when they travel to the Turkish Riviera is the gulet cruise Turkey. This cruise is taken on a traditional wooden gulet and inside the gulet you will see spacious cabins and comfortable beds. You are served traditional Turkish cuisine and you can swim in the Mediterranean Sea’s clear blue waters.

Gulet Cruise Turkey

Alanya: Exciting Resort Town

Alanya is a popular resort town along the Turkish Riviera and the temperature there is 106 degrees during the summer months so you should wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing along with sunscreen and sunglasses as well as a hat. One of the top features of this town is the white sandy beaches and other visitors to this town like to get on boats and go on tours of underwater caves there. This town has nice restaurants, shopping centers and nightclubs for you to visit and there are also a lot of expatriates who reside here.

Gulet Cruise Turkey

Here is detailed information on the gulet cruise Turkey along the Turkish Riviera called the Blue Voyage. Depending on the company who sponsors your trip and the itinerary, your starting point could be one of several cities in the Turkish Riviera. Some visitors’ departure point is in the town of Gocek while others may depart from the Fethiye or Bodrum region. While on the Blue Voyage, you can go snorkeling and water-skiing and you will also get a chance to enjoy Turkish beer and take photos of the Mediterranean Sea’s beautiful scenery. Some examples of traditional Turkish meals include eggplant in yogurt sauce, Turkish meatballs, green beans in olive oil, and vegetables with couscous.


When you go on a gulet cruise Turkey on the Turkish Riviera, you are able to enjoy all that the Mediterranean has to offer and it will be a memorable experience for you and your family or your spouse if you are on a honeymoon. The staff on the gulet is friendly and they can recommend different cities that you can visit on the Turkish Riviera. You will enjoy the historic sites in the region and you can get to know the natives by hanging out at the clubs and beaches there. The average length of the trip is seven days and you can either stay on the gulet during the entire seven nights or you can spend time both on the gulet and on land.

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