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  • Marmaris

    Marmaris,Turkey can be one of the best choices for a blue cruise vacation in Turkey. If going to the Turkish Riviera, with its blue waters, white sands, and ample entertainment options is what you want to do – Marmaris can provide you with the ideal hybrid of the best of both worlds. It is both […]

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  • Cruising by luxury gulet yachts

    There are the regular Turkish gulets and there is the luxury class of Turkish gulets for those who want to sail across the Mediterranean Sea in style and in pomp. Luxury Turkish gulet yachts exist for you and your family and these gulets are fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy yourself. A gulet […]

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  • The Best locations for blue cruises in Turkey

    When you open your eyes you find yourself  into a  blue cruise over the crystal clear waters of the Aegean coasts…watching the visible horizon, calming with the serene sea…Blue cruise presents you an unforgettable experience. When the Aegean winds fill your sails you lounge on the deck and relaxing with quite.If you ask the people […]

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